Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Gluten Free Dining at the Great Maple in La Jolla

Gluten Free Dining in San Diego 

The Great Maple 

Located in the UTC Mall

The Great Maple Restaurant in the UTC Mall in La Jolla is a great place to go if you are looking for gluten free food. Chef Joe Guerra will modify dishes to fit the dietary needs of guests. Consider The Great Maple when you are looking for a place to meet friends, take out-of-town guests, go on a date, have a business meeting, or celebrate with your group.  The UTC Mall is a hub of activity as it remodels and expands into a San Diego destination. Check out the restaurant and explore the mall!

Happy Hour

Happy hour is every day from 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM. A cannot miss item on the happy hour menu is the 1/2 Cobb Wedge (the full size pictured above is available on the main menu). The chef prepares each dish like a work of art. Not only is it plated with care to make a delightful presentation (after all, we eat with our eyes first) but the dish is filled with layers of flavor and texture to satisfy your appetite. 

Another cannot miss dish on the menu is the Charred Cauliflower Hummus. To make it gluten free you omit the flatbread and add additional veggies for dipping. The taste is unlike any hummus I have ever had. The charred cauliflower’s earthy taste and the honey’s sweetness add to the chickpeas to create a flavor masterpiece.


The Truffled Devil Eggs are a must-try, rather a must-share! They art artistically served on a bed of frisee lettuce and topped with a delicate parmesan lace.  Although, the portion is enough to share; the taste is so good you will not want to share! The whimsical looking presentation made me want to eat this appetizer with my fingers.  I did with a big smile on my face. The flavors and textures were delightful. The food is comfort food that mom used to make, elevated with sophisticated flavors and artistic presentation. 


A new dish to the menu is the Grilled Chicken Bowl. It can me made gluten free by swapping the ancient grains for snap peas. This dish is a delight; it is light and satisfying. The chicken was tender, the brussels sprouts delicate, the snap peas crispy, and the cauliflower hummus spicy. I could come back for this dish on a daily basis! Other proteins can be substituted for the chicken so that you can keep coming back for more and not have the exact same dish each time! 

Brunch Classics

Another new dish added to the menu this fall is the Breakfast Smash. This warm and hearty dish is definitely sharable! The savory dish has soft fingerling potatoes, crunchy onions and red bell peppers, and creamy cheese melting down the potatoes. The depth of flavors and textures is satisfying. This hearty dish will prepare you for a workout at one of the fitness facilities in the mall!

Signature Dishes

Two of Great Maple’s signature dishes are the French Toast Logs and Fried Chicken and Doughnuts. Both dishes are not gluten free but give you a sense of the elegant comfort food on the menu. The Great Maple has something for everyone. Make plans to go there today!

Visit The Great Maple for locally sourced food that is made-to-order.  The portions are large and sharable and the dishes remind you of food mom used to make, turned elegant.

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